Dog Training Puzzle Feeder


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Controlling your dog’s energy should never be a hassle!


 Is your dog under stimulated and destructive?


Our Dog Training Puzzle Feeder was designed with your pup in mind and will entertain and challenge them for a while!





  • Reducing boredom, and negative behaviour


  • Redirects energy and attention 


  • Strengthen problem solving skills


  • Slow feeding bowl




  • Nine hidden treat compartments: Load your pup’s favourite treats, slide the panels back in place and watch your pup engage!


  • Manually increase difficulty: Raise the bones for an easier puzzle or press them back into the board for a more challenging one!


  • Portion control: Our puzzle can handle a one cup capacity of treats, ensuring your pup doesn’t overindulge!


If you to enjoy all these benefits and more


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Dog Training Puzzle Feeder

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