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  • ?ALL IN ONE DOG & CAT BRUSH TOOL: Pet fur dematting, deshedding & brushing at the same time. Easy to use for pleasant experience of your dogs & cats. Be amazed by how much dog cat hair will come off after a single use! Your pets will love their new healthy and shiny coat.
  • ?STATE OF ART HEAD DESIGN: Painless to use on your pets with precision-engineered steel blade provides gentle but precise de-tangling,best for dogs & cats with sensitive skin. Rounded outside yet sharp inside for scratch free pet skin unlike other pointed edge pet grooming tools.
  • ?PETS HAIR FREE HOUSE: A quick 5 minute brushing will remove tons of dead undercoat from your furry friend. Great for all pet breed from medium to long haired coats. Solution for coarse,long,curly or wiry matted fur coats making it a best gift for pet lovers.


  • Material: TPR, Stainless steel
  • Color: blue,pink

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  • 1×Pet Pro Grooming Tool


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Blue, Pink

5 reviews for Pet Pro Grooming Tool

    Pet Pro Grooming Tool photo review
    Amber D.
    I have a 1.5 year old husky/shepherd mix who is experiencing her first Spring undercoat blow out and let me just say...the fur! Jeez! Daily brushings with a slicker brush, undercoat brush, AND The furminator seemed to barely be getting anything. ESPECIALLY compared to this rake. The picture shows how much undercoat the rake pulled out after just 15 minutes! And that's only from her back legs. (Again she has been brushed daily before using this). I'M IN LOVE! And I know she feels a whole lot better too. Not to mention the fact that I am not killing my back brushing for hours and getting nowhere, and she is not getting irritated with me and trying to bite the brush. My only complaint is that the hair does fly everywhere as other reviewers have said, so be prepared to vacuum and deshed yourself after. But to me that is a small price to pay for the amount of shed fur it's pulling out! TOTALLY WORTH IT. I do recommend doing it in short quick strokes. That was the most effective way. And for those that said it didn't work for huskies, I'm not sure why it didn't work for them but it is the ONLY thing that has helped my Phoenix. I included a picture of her to get an idea of how thick her fur is.
    Pet Pro Grooming Tool photo review
    Craig L.
    I have an extremely bushy haired cat. I've always looked at him as a war that could not be won. Sure I could win a battle here and there but 10 minutes later, he would look like he got dragged backwards down an alley by a rampaging rhino. I bought this brush thinking it would be just like the others. Nothing can tame the beast that is this cats hair. After a few minutes, hair was flying everywhere. Through the air, I was eating hair, hair was up my nose, I even think it found its way in places we shall not speak of. I started getting hope. I'd had hope before so I knew not to get too excited. His hair knows no bounds. After 10 minutes or so I knew I was winning a major battle in this war. As time progressed, my eyes glowed with victory. I finally won. I finally tamed this monstrosity that I shall call my cats fur. I held this brush up to the light and inspected my new found love. I need to find a glass case with a locking device to keep it safe and secure. I can never lose such a wonder.
    Pet Pro Grooming Tool photo review
    I’ve been using a Furminator brush on my German Shepherd for the past 6 years. She’s always hated it. Which I just chalked up to her not liking being brushed, period. However, this brush got more of her undercoat out than before and she didn’t hate it! Highly suggest!
    Pet Pro Grooming Tool photo review
    Phil c
    I have several dogs but bought this for my medium length coat Shepherd/Lab mix. I have a slew of brushes. Some flat out don’t work. Some are not comfortable to use. Some of them, the dogs just don’t like. I thought, let’s try one more...hence the purchase this. It was very comfortable to hold/use. She didn’t pull away from it. And it was super easy to remove the fur from the blades after becoming full after several passes. She feels so much better without all that under fur as well. Hoping it really helps cut down on the fur in the house/car.
    Pet Pro Grooming Tool photo review
    Kitty Momma
    This big boy has a ton of hair and at 16 years old, he’s not the best self groomer. We’ve tried several cat brushes, and regularly use pet shears to shave some of his hair down, yet nothing really cuts through the mats. I end up having to trim him with scissors, which is a dangerous job (I’ve accidentally cut him). This tool makes it super easy and safe to remove mats as well as the thick undercoat where mats begin. I recently bathed and brushed this cat, and then went back over him with this brush. In 15 minutes, we had a cat-sized pile of hair. He purred the entire time. This brush was very gentle yet effective. I’d highly recommend it for any owners of long haired cats.
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Pet Pro Grooming Tool

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