Power Scrubber Brush Cleaner


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❗❗Scrubbing with your hands not only causes sore wrists, but sometimes you can’t even make these stains disappear … but now you can finally solve this ancient problem?!

Compared to manual scrubbing, these great brushes can cut your cleaning time in half or more, making the results cleaner.


  • Whiz through burnt-on grime on pots and pans, restore alloy wheels to their former glory, make your car mats and seats like new again. Scrub up your boat, RV, motorcycle, decking – you name it. In fact professional cleaners love these brushes!

  • Use this product with a cordless drill to eliminate the heavy work and fatigue typically required for routine scrubbing and deep cleaning tasks.

  • These innovative products are designed to be used with any household cordless drill (not included) with a quick change shaft on all three brushes.

  • 5*inch is the best tool for cleaning large areas.
  • 4*inch is the softest and best choice for cleaning car seats and softer surfaces
  • 3.5*inch is medium stiffness, ideal for tougher surfaces and stains
  • 2*inch brushes are the stiffest for tough cleaning jobs like patio slabs, metals gates, etc


  • Color: yellow, red, blue, green
  • Style: three-piece set, four-piece set, five-piece set


    • 1 set × Power Scrubber Brush Cleaner (DRILL IS NOT INCLUDED)

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    green, Yellow, Blue, Red


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    Power Scrubber Brush Cleaner

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